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Mission Statement

The Leadership Council is a nonprofit independent scientific organization composed of respected scientists, clinicians, educators, legal scholars, journalists, and public policy analysts.

Our mission is to promote the ethical application of psychological science to human welfare. We are committed to providing professionals and laypersons with accurate, research-based information about a variety of mental health issues and to preserving society's commitment to protect its most vulnerable members.


  • To develop a coalition among professionals within the scientific community, the legal system, the political system and the media to provide professionals and laypersons with accurate information about mental health practice and research which helps insure access to the highest quality of care.

  • To promote healing for trauma victims and their families.

  • To promote and disseminate high quality scientific and medical research concerning the prevalence and consequences of child abuse and other forms of interpersonal violence in the general population.

  • To promote public awareness of effective treatment for the psychological and physiological after-effects of interpersonal violence and other traumatic experiences in children and adults.

  • To provide officers of the court, the media, and public policy-makers with the latest scientific information on issues which may affect the public health and the safety of society's most vulnerable members, including children and those suffering from mental disorders.

  • To correct misinformation on psychological science used to serve vested interests or used as evidence in important cases affecting legal rights related to mental health issues.

  • To improve coordination among professionals, develop guidelines, encourage research, further interdisciplinary professional education, and provide guidance, support, and encouragement for professionals in the field of traumatic studies.