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Amicus Briefs and Letters

Legal Commentary

  • Unfair Double Standard On Expert Testimony By Wendy Murphy, JD

  • Problems with "Not a Pedophile" Evidence: Legal memorandum which reviews the evidence offered by the defendant in a civil child sexual abuse and argues that the defense expert's conclusions that the defendant  is "not a pedophile" based on the results of a sexual behaviors assessment is unreliable and inadmissible under Daubert . By Attorney Susan K. Smith

  • Legal Article: Expert Psychiatrists and Comments on Witness Credibility by Pamela K. Sutherland and Delia J. Henderson. Expert commentary on credibility; bolstering; maligning victims  through diagnosis. Orginally published in Trial Magazine, the authors argue that policies that prohibit positive commentary on credibility, or witness "bolstering," should also apply to negative commentary on witnesses' credibility in the form of pejorative and false diagnoses.

  • Legal Article: Debunking  'false memory" myths in sexual abuse cases by Wendy J. Murphy

  • Legal Article: Murphy, Wendy. Minimizing the likelihood of discovery of victim's counseling records and other personal information in criminal cases: Massachusetts gives a nod to a Constitutional right to confidentiality. New England Law Review, 32(4), 1998.

Legal Updates

Legal Updates